Rock and Roll LA Half Marathon

The Rock and Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon happens the Sunday right before Halloween. The Bravo Zone was in full effect with their first mission back since Chicago, helping nearly 5,000 runners in Los Angeles cross the finish line and reach their PRs.

The starting gun shot at a grueling 6am outside the normal 7 but we still managed to see the squad and all the other runners and run crews through. We counted about 59 pumpkins, 32 Batmen and 39 Supermen run past.

At the end of the day (start of a normal person’s morning), it was an honor seeing everyone cheer, encourage and inspire all the runners as they returned the energy and inspired us right back. The jams were easy and we only had one case of friendly fire with some confetti shrapnel in an eye. Thanks to The Line Hotel and Nike Los Angeles for the support.

Words by Duy Nguyen

Photos by Edwin Cruz

More photos here.

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  • Love this…. Wish I had the knees to join y’all


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