I'm not fast, can I pull up?
Yes! Fast and slow are subjective but we have a range of paces that run with us. If you are worried about being too slow or left behind please see the next question. If you want someone to run with you on your first run, DM us on IG and say "DUY RUN WITH ME".

I'm new to running, which days are beginner friendly?
While this all can fluctuate, if I were to rank the runs from easiest to most difficult, I'd say Thursday, Wednesday, Monday and then Saturday. 

Thursdays are typically recovery runs. Less stress, more social. A lot of first timers. 3-5 miles.
While Wednesdays at the track are hard workouts, you can take them as slow as you want and you can't get lost running around a track. 3-8 miles.

Mondays have a wide range of runners from first timers to those training for races. If you're unsure about your pace to keep up, checking in and letting the captain know, bringing a friend to join or trying one of the other runs. 3-8 miles.
Saturdays are our long runs. Typically will follow our training plan if we're in season, if not they're usually 8-14 miles.

How much is it to join?
It's free. From our captains, photographers and to aid station crew, we all do it for the love.

Do I have to by Korean? Do I have to live in Koreatown?
No. Koreatown Run Club is named Koreatown based off the neighborhood it was founded in.

Do I have to be training for a marathon?
Not at all. While many do have some sort of race on the horizon, many just run to run.

So I just show up? What's the process? I have to prepare myself for this!
Yeah just show up. We typically start warming up fifteen minutes after the meet time and start running 10 minutes after that. You don't have to check in anywhere. If you want, you can talk to the captains and let them know you're new, or anyone else for that matter. Or you can show up and not talk to anyone, run then go home. Up to you.

Everyone at the runs seems so close, how do you make friends?
There's a misconception that if you come out to KRC, you'll make hundreds of friends overnight. It does take some effort. Put yourself out there but don't force anything. Consistency and repetition are key, being friendly and open is the way.

Do you only run in Koreatown?
Generally yes. The Saturday long runs will change up here and there.

Do I have to wear Nike?
You can wear whatever you want. Whatever brand, whatever other run club shirt, whatever is comfortable.

How do I get a KRC singlet?
KRC singlets are typically reserved for those who have been training with us for a race. 

I like a shirt that is sold out, when will you restock?
We generally don't!

Are you a cult?
We're still awaiting our accreditation.